Sunday, April 18, 2010

Twinkle + Sparks

I've always been known as Miss Matching among my friends cause I always match the colors of my outfit with my shoes and accessories. So it's no wonder that I have tons of shoes (like most women) and accessories for almost every color. Here's the story of a new member of my earrings collections.

My sister bought an earrings for me about a few days ago, it's j
ust one of her habit to surprise me with gifts, what a blessing to have a sister like her right? So, she came to me one day with that secretive look of hers and gave me a little box and asked me to open it. My jaws were wide open as soon as I saw what's inside. It was the most beautiful earrings that I ever saw. (Thank you dear, I love it a lot!).

Then she shared the story about this earrings, She accidentally found this blog which sells handcrafted jewelries from earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. As it turns out, she's been looking through this blog back and forth for the last few days (okay, I guess that's explain why she's been
acting weird lately). I was super curious with this blog and ask her permission to browse it my self.

After browsing the entire blog, I was stunned, simply because it was far beyond my expectation. They have the most
divine jewelry collections and it's made from genuine semi precious stones, freshwater pearls and swarovski crystals (most of the pieces are combined). Each design is made in very limited stocks (only 1-5 pieces/design), so it would makes you feel extra special for wearing an unique handcrafted jewelry.

People with this kind of blessing and talent always amaze me
cause I could never made the things that they create or did the things that they do. I could see how they put their heart in creating each and one of that work of art, making each piece of the jewelry just gorgeous!

So, if you think that you're bored with your jewelry collections,
then I suggest you browse this blog and find your soul-mate which would completes your outstanding looks.

I uploaded 2 pictures, one is from the blog so you could see how beautiful they really are (I hope the jeweler won't mind it, thank you =)) and the other is to show you that it comes with pretty packaging. Looooveee the packaging, love the detail-oriented finishing on the piece, love the unusual tear-drop shape of swarovski crystal, I love it!!!

Browse it, order it, wear it and love it at:

Happy sparkling ladies....



  1. i have some of twinkle + sparks collection.. and i love them.. But my favorite has just broken :( i hope it can be fixed..

  2. sorry to hear that. Have you tried asking Kartika to fix it? I'm sure she's happy to do it...Hope things work out well for you. =)